// Providence, RI



Ashish Vyas is a bassist and artist who’s eclectic musical taste has guided him on his sonic adventures. His influences and interests have taken him from improvisational, avant-garde music to post-punk rock to exotic, world sounds and rhythms to electro-pop…

Currently he is recording and performing with electronic, world music, downtempo pioneers THIEVERY CORPORATION; and on the other end of the spectrum in post-punk rock outfit TIME is FIRE.

He was a founding member of the now defunct San Diego art rock band GoGoGo Airheart (1996-2006). Who released several albums, EP’s and 7″ singles. That lead to tours throughout the States and Europe.

As a performer he has toured with or played with artists as diverse as Marshall Allen (Sun Ra), Lou Pride, Federico Aubele, SEE-I, Everyone Orchestra, Natalia Clavier, Sleepy Wonder, Grant Green Jr., Chris Haskett (Rollins Band), Ron Holloway, and others who have slipped his mind.


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