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Thievery Corporation has Greece in our hearts more than ever today. We hope and pray that the warm, wonderful and resilient people of Greece will come through this crisis with their unique strength, dignity and resolve. You have been gracious hosts to us on many occasions and we feel a deep bond, love, and solidarity with Greece.

"Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier;
I have seen worse sights than this." Homer



It was twenty years ago... Eric Hilton dropped in to a design studio that I ran in Adams Morgan, DC with Steve Raskin (Thunderball/Fort Knox Five) to get a graphic for a matchbook for his new club, the Eighteenth Street Lounge... which led to flyers and VIP cards... which led to album artwork for a musical project with Rob Garza, a self-released debut entitled "Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi"... which led to a chat about musical influences and curiosities, which led to Eric saying "I've always loved the sound of the Sitar, I wonder where I can find a Sitar player..." which led to Steve saying "Well, Rob's been practicing the Sitar, like, all year..." which led to a recording session in a tiny, one-windowed utility closet attached to a slightly less-tiny control room in the back of the aforementioned Lounge, which led to a track called "Lebanese Blonde"... which led to twenty years of experiences, airports, tour buses, heartbreaks and opportunities.

To commemorate the 20 years that Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been making music as Thievery Corporation (and helming the multi-cultural circus that is the Thievery Live Band) I will be posting a photo a day from the archives for the next 365 days.

Rob Myers
Guitar/Sitar Thievery Live Band

001/365 2002 (London) Pam Bricker at the Tate Modern #20yearsofthievery #thieverycorporation #thievery #eslmusic #rpm3 #pambricker #lebaneseblonde #tatemodern #london


420 Fest Setlist!

Here's the setlist from Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta!